Download e-book for kindle: ABC of Physics:A Very Brief Guide by Lev Okun

Translated from Russian through Vitaly Kisin

This little publication concentrates at the foundations of recent physics (its “ABC's”) and its such a lot basic constants: c — the rate of sunshine and — the quantum of action.

First of all, the ebook is addressed to expert physicists, yet so as to in attaining maximal focus and readability it makes use of the easiest (high tuition) arithmetic. accordingly many pages of the e-book could be important to varsity scholars and should attract a extra normal audience.


  • The Fundamentals
  • Units
  • A minimal of Mathematics
  • Translational Motion
  • Rotation and Quantization
  • Particles as Corpuscles and Waves
  • More approximately Units
  • The Hydrogen Atom
  • Periodic desk of Chemical Elements
  • Substance
  • Quantum Electrodynamics — QED
  • Transition to Classical Theory
  • Gravitation
  • Other Galaxies
  • Big Bang
  • Quantum Gravidynamics — QGD
  • Intranuclear Forces
  • Particles in Cosmic Rays
  • Particles in Accelerators
  • Three Discrete Symmetries
  • Half a Century Later
  • On Quantum Chromodynamics
  • On the Electroweak Theory
  • Supersymmetry
  • Grand Unification
  • In the neighborhood of the Planck Mass
  • Concluding Remarks

Readership: College scholars and readers within the actual sciences.